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Brian Halverson

Art, Featured Artist
About This Project

Brian Halverson and his knack for Horror Pop Painting…


Every artist has their turning point where art is no longer a hobby, but a lifestyle.


Brians turning point began when time gave him an opportunity. Recently being laid off from the kitchen, Brian needed to bounce back.  As luck would have it, around this time a friend left him with 42 used canvasses. Now Brian had time and materials, causing the art hustle to begin.


With a background in screen printing and love for scifi horror, Brian was able to create a unique style that has caught a great deal of attention in the past years.


Looking at his work a person wonders, “What is going through his head?”


Turns out artists tend to have the same thought process:


“First it starts; this is gonna be awesome; then this is hard; then my life is hard; my work sucks; my life sucks; then it’s awesome, and my life is awesome”- Brian Halverson


For more information on Brian and his work please contact him at


Or go check out his work at his studio!


SpitShade Art Collective


Located at 211 6th St. Boise, Idaho


-Miranda McBroom 09/08/15