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Massage is beneficial to everyone. No one person deserves it more than another, we all need to be taken care of. Massage is no longer just a luxury and for some has become a necessity. Whether you’re an athlete, cancer patient, recent injury victim, slept wrong, or just need to increase your overall well-being, massage can help you.

“Forever empowering the power of touch”

Miranda Mcbroom

My love of massage started with my love for art!

As an avid wheel-thrower my hands are conditioned to feel and sense changes in the clay, with the end goal to make a perfect piece of work lacking flaws. And to this day I use these same skills to help transform my clients muscles into something functional and pain free. With my intuitive sense of touch and my vast knowledge of the human body my clients are able to get the most change out of every massage. I received 720+ hours of training at the Sage School of Massage in Bend, Oregon. There I learned clinical massage along with pure relaxation and spa techniques. With this I’ve created a unique style of Deep Tissue/Treatment Work, always starting and finishing with Swedish and incorporating flow and rhythm with every technique.

Every single day, I get to work with my hands. I get to work with people that work way too hard. My office gives them a place to shut out the world and focus on themselves. That is a true gift I have the privilege to give. Every massage, I give 100%, because you took the time out of your day to come to me and make a healthy choice.

Soon I hope to have a space in which to showcase local artists and teach pottery classes. All while providing clinical massage.

Please checkout “The Art Part” for the featured artist of the month.

If you have any questions on massage treatments or would like to feature your work or business on my page feel free to contact me anytime.


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